Story of My Life Essay — Master Your Writing

The story of my life essay is a paper that deals with the details and some crucial life moments of a person. And, like any other assignment, it has peculiar features and obligatory writing rules. Students often inquire about how to write an essay about my life story. That’s a rather complicated task because a student shouldn’t sound boring or compose a cliché. That’s not easy because admission committees have read so many essays that it will be really hard to impress them.

That’s not a mere autobiography. The story should depict a captivating episode that will make the committee accept the student. If your task is to write a life story essay, you’d better think of a proper theme to intrigue and inspire the reader.

How to Write a Story of My Life — Essay Guidelines

First of all, it’s important to know how to write a story of my life essay. Students have problems with essay starting and finishing. They also lack ideas concerning the choice of the title, the right tone, and essay type which depend on the key idea. If it’s a funny experience, then one should choose the appropriate tone (ironic, sarcastic, or just entertaining).

The essay’s purpose is to reflect student’s goals and attitude toward the family, the homeland, friends, and life in general. It helps the admission committee decide whether to take the student or not. It’s necessary to revise the resume and C.V. but not to repeat it. The resume shows only the rewards and achievements. The essay gives details about the long way to success.

Professionals also recommend reading the successful writing to see the way the paper should be structured and emphasized. Each paper has 3 structural components:

  • The introduction (the beginning);
  • The body (arguments and facts supporting the beginning);
  • The conclusion (summarizing of things mentioned in the intro and the body).

The introduction and the conclusion should take less than ⅓ of the paper volume.

The Story of My Life Essay Outline

To sound logical and convincing it will be good to compose a story of my life essay outline first. It’s a plan where you can make notes and decide what structure and tone your essay needs. The outline helps to write out the keywords of the paper and include them in the title, the thesis statement, and other parts of the paper. Due to them, the essay hits the point and conveys the main idea.

Short Story of My Life Essay Introduction

My life story essay introduction is an essential part of the essay. It must hook and interest the reader in the plot development. The intro part of the short story of my life essay should also have a thesis statement which aim is to highlight the key idea of the work. A student can use the following ways to attract the reader:

  • Start with a joke, a question, a quote from a famous movie/story/song, or a provocative statement that will mirror the key issue. For instance, “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”(OneRepublic “Counting Stars”). That’s not only a line of my favorite song but the words which describe the life of the winner. My life.”
  • Make it sound private as if you share this information the first time. For example, “That rainy day started with a message concerning my inability to enter the college because of my complicated pregnancy. Who said that a child could prevent a young mother from success?”
  • Let it be vivid and bright. Exempli gratia, “I decided to become a doctor the day when I had rescued my first 4-legged fluffy patient that became my best friend”.
  • Use only active voice not to confuse the readerю Passive voice concentrates the reader’s attention on the object but not on the doer of the action. It’s better to avoid it and use only active constructions. Compare “That game was won by me” and “I won that game.” The first example underlines the fact that the game was successful. The second sentence emphasizes the role of the author in the victory.
  • Shock the audience with the very first word if it’s possible. For example, “Deadly Silence… The most terrible moment in my life and then the doctor said, “It’s a girl. She’s OK. You have a sister, Jane!”

The Story of My Life Narrative Essay Body

The body of the story of my life narrative essay should have several paragraphs. Each paragraph is a bearer of new ideas. Each idea supports the central issue of the thesis statement. Experts call it an autobiographical or “I” narration. That’s why it’s better to write the draft of the events in chronological order and then present it from your perspective. There is no need to write dates if only they are not aimed to highlight some crucial event that has changed you and your world vision or has influenced on your decision to enter the particular college.

Funny Story of My Life Essay Conclusion

The last words should echo in the reader’s thoughts. If students write a funny story of my life essay, they should end with an anecdote or a joke that bangs. Sometimes it’s necessary to add a pinch of salt. “Unfortunately, childhood is over, and I won’t be able to live that day again. I only hope that my story will help you understand that even a funny event can turn your life upside down and lead you to your success.”