Money-Back Guarantee

The main objective of our work is to supply excellent essays or any other papers to our clients. Once you decided to order our assistance, it could be nice to become familiarised with our money back guarantee details to be sure of the dependability of our service. Informing people about such things is what helps ensure comfortable work and absence of many possible problems.

The money-back feature is rarely used by our customers since we are able to cope with orders of various intricacy levels, but we think that this type of opportunity has to be offered at all times. We offer our clients the ability to have their paper revised, to ensure each requirement is satisfied.

Applying for a refund, you should make sure that your case matches the description of the circumstances presented below. Please note that usually, the particulars of your case might determine whether you get a full refund or partial.

100% refund

  1. Double order
    In case of finding yourself in such a situation, we suggest our clients get ahold of our consumer support and inform us at the earliest opportunity. Bear in mind, the quicker you do it, the higher the likelihood that your order hasn’t been assigned to our professional yet, which means you’ll get a 100% refund, that is why the order form cross-checking should be done carefully.
  2. Your order is cancelled before we find the writer
    Under such conditions, you can get a full refund. You are fully entitled to receive a full refund if the writer hasn’t begun working on your order.
  3. Too many tasks at hand
    The skillsets of our professionals allow us to cope with a huge selection of order types, however, as a result of various unforeseen occasions or a really heavy workload, some of our highly experienced writers can be unavailable.
  4. If you ordered once but paid twice
    This case happens extremely rarely, being done only by accident. If you notice that you have paid double price, getting in contact with our support is the very first thing you must do. Keep in mind that you'll be able to get a full refund only upon the existence of the copies of your receipts.

Partial refund

Cases written below allow you to receive a partial refund:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseeable circumstances. Partial refund is influenced by various factors. Thus, we discuss every particular question on an individual basis. But, it sometimes is a result of the customer's negligence. If the author doesn't receive all the materials that are necessary for the assignment, the deadline date may be postponed. We think that in this situation, the absence of a refund option is reasonable. Make sure all the important materials are sent to us immediately after filling in the order form.
  2. The work on your assignment has been started, but you want to call off the order
    Considering the fact that we have to pay for our writer’s effort and time, you could be provided with a refund of around 70%. Take into account that canceling your order past the midway point to the deadline enables you to receive about 50% of the spent money.
  3. Being unhappy with the finalized work
    We're always willing to hear all of your complaints concerning the final result and solve any difficulties. The refund would depend on whether your complaints are well-founded and justifiable enough. Yet, these cases are very rare because we always endeavor to satisfy all your requirements.
  4. Plagiarized works
    Any buyer, who's shown us the presence of plagiarized materials in the received work is eligible for a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. In case the mark you received for the work created with the help of our experts isn't as good as you've anticipated it to be.
    We do our utmost to provide our customers only with first-class papers, but, unfortunately, those can’t always guarantee the highest mark, because it generally will depend on your teacher’s or professor’s evaluation and your own knowledge on the subject (e.g. if you have to defend it).
  2. Proofreading, formatting, editing
    We happily supply our customers with various refining services, but we think it is necessary to highlight that we by no means modify the content of the initial work. Hence, we do not take any responsibility for complaints related to its content.

Money-back process

If your situation meets any refund-related ones and we verified it, your money will be refunded within 5 working days. It's very important for us to underline that we don’t pertain to any difficulties that involve any other companies (financial institutions etc.).

Make sure that the sum of your refund is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just cannot get your money back due to the transaction charges. If you wish to receive a refund immediately, you're offered an option to put this sum on your account to use it for your future tasks.