Cookie Policy

General meaning of cookies

Cookies are special files, which are kept on the pc or other gadgets with the internet access. Each time a person enters the network, their browser collects and stores information regarding that visit.

Cookies help us to further improve our site depending on your requirements. Using cookies, for instance, we are able to make the site more convenient or keep you logged in for a certain period of time.

Only you choose what to do with cookies. You can easily erase them in case you don't want us to conduct any operations with them. But, switching them off might potentially lead to a reduced functionality of our website.

What kinds of cookies utilized?

Cookies we work with are of two types: session and persistent. One of their functions will be to monitor your previous site activity, e.g. if it’s the first time you purchase something on the web-site. The second kind can also be called permanent since these cookies are kept regardless of whether your browser is active or not.

What We Do With Cookies

The website’s order form functionality depends on cookies. In case you turned off these files you wouldn’t be able to make an order for our services. Cookies are also necessary for:

  • tracking the order progress
  • analyzing the plagiarism check program usage statistics
  • remembering that the customer is currently logged in
  • providing the consumer support for each user by using our chat
  • monitoring customer’s activity by using Google Analytics

Are Any Third Parties Involved with Our Work?

No, these files are used only for getting payments for our services from a purchaser. We don’t discuss any private information with any organizations that don't participate in the actions associated with your order, like doing the tasks or delivering the work.

About cookies management

We can't guarantee that our website will function properly if you de-activate the cookies. If there is actually a reason for you to delete or disable them, web browser settings can assist you in doing so. You need to look for the help section in your browser menu which can provide you with all the basic steps you should do.