Argumentative Essay Writing — Every Nook and Cranny

Many a time we get involved in discussions that have differing points of view, and we debate on the topic. It so happens that over time, we tend to stick to one particular point of view either in support of the topic or against it, leading to an argument.

Similarly, an argumentative essay is also developed based on a strong point of view of the author, either supporting or opposing the topic. By employing intelligent facts and reasons in their argumentative essay writing, the author tries to convince the audience to agree with their point of view.

Few points are to be considered while writing an argumentative essay. Below are few such tips that will help you if you do not wish to buy essay cheap.

  • First and foremost, one needs to choose a topic, if you are not writing for an already specific assignment. While choosing a topic of your interest, consider topics that can be narrowed down and have differing or conflicting points of view.
  • Do extensive research to find facts, scenarios, causes, reasons, and examples associated with the topic. Do not try to form an opinion at this point and simply try to get as much information as you can about the issue.
  • Now, go through the information that you gathered and try to express your opinion in a sentence or two. Check if your opinion on the subject is strong enough, and focus on the facts or evidence that can support your view from the information that you gathered.
  • An essay should have a structured format, and the essential requirement is to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. So, outline your essay with the information available at hand to have a proper flow of expression.
  • A proper introduction is essential for any essay; however, it plays a vital role in argumentative essay writing.Introduction of your argumentative essay should tell about the topic and should also let the audience know how important it is to discuss the matter. It is useful if you can indicate that there is a difference of opinion about the topic and also hint about your stand on the subject.
  • You can consider including the thesis statement of your essay in the introduction, provided it is clear and concise.
  • Depending on the topic or subject, an optional paragraph detailing the background information about the issue can be added after the introduction paragraph.
  • Before you start with the body of the essay, review the list of Pros and Cons of the subject and choose the most important and relevant ones that support your stance.
  • Use as many facts as you can to support your point of view, and you may also cite expert opinions in line with that of yours. Provide reasons supporting your opinion in an organized manner with passionate language, to create an impact on the audience.
  • Keep your audience in mind while making any claims and do not assume that the audience will agree with all the aspects of your argument.
  • It is important that you first mention the opposing ideas on the subject and then use your reasons to disprove them to strengthen the argument logically.
  • Do not use any emotional language to support your opinion or while forming a counterargument. Sound more logical.
  • You can use the first two paragraphs after the introduction to state your opinion with the supporting facts and other examples. The third paragraph can then be used to elaborate the opposing ideas and to refute them while being more objective and reasonable. The paragraph after this can be used to conclude. Ensure that the paragraphs are well connected to have a logical progression towards the conclusion.
  • Concluding an argumentative essay has to be done with utmost care as the main aim of the essay is to persuade the audience to agree with your opinion or point of view. You should not merely restate the points that you discussed in the introduction. The strongest analytical points are to be used to drive the conclusion. Do not add any new information to the argument in the conclusion; however, you might want to do so if any such information stems from the points used in the earlier part of the essay, only to leave a lasting impression on the reader.
  • Read the conclusion a couple of times to check if it is creating enough impact to persuade the audience as desired, else consider modifying it.
  • Proofread your essay to spot and correct any typo or grammatical errors before you submit it.

Interesting Topic Ideas

Cell phones are dangerous and should be banned

This argumentative essay writing topic has a conflict of thought as many oppose the idea of banning a cell phone. You can review facts opposing to the topic.

For example, phones, when used properly, do not pose any threat but help you stay connected with family and in cases of emergencies and hence should not be banned. Or, you can also support stating that the recent study has revealed that the radiation of a cell phone is dangerous and can cause cancer. You can also consider points detailing how they are affecting the studies of the younger generation, and so on. You can choose any stance and work on framing more points to support your argument.

Impact of the Internet culture on human memory

This topic can further be narrowed down to specific uses of the Internet and the effects of it on human memory. You can discuss either the positive impact of the Internet culture, stating that Internet usage helps human memory to organize effectively and the Internet provides memory-improving techniques that are easy to implement. You can also have a negative argument on the impact, by telling how human memory is not given importance and everything is being referred to the Internet. The increase in Iinternet usage causing human beings to be more dependant on the Iinternet, and not on human memory even for simple information or calculation.

Below are some more topics that you can work with:

  • Same-sex marriages
  • File sharing leads to piracy
  • Equality for men and women in sports
  • Effects of Internet gambling
  • Child Labor